No torch welding is needed anymore!


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Unique formula to patch up gaps & corrosion damage with ease!

This extremely tough mix seals chips and gaps quickly with no professional fees. Efficiently fix anything from busted pipes, leaky pails, corroded steel - without torch welding!

Instant Metal Repair
The mix contains an extremely durable hardening formula that is designed to seal chips and gaps. Easily repair metallic abrasions, casting defects, corrosion damage, surface fractures, and even broken parts.
Permanent Bond Strength
Form extremely tough bond that lasts permanently. It can be shaped, tapped, filed, and sanded.
High-Temperature Resistant
It can withstand temperatures up to 150°C. When fully cured, it is as hard as iron and provides uniform bond line thickness.

Easily patch up busted pipes, leaky pails, corroded steel with this handy & easy-to-use solution

Quickly seal your chips and gaps and save a $200 professional fee by using the incredible MetaFix™! It’s an extremely tough mix that will breathe new life into your busted metallic surfaces! Must have for all your home, car & metal repair.

Easy Mix & Apply

Just mix A & B paste, apply and let it dry!

Wide Application

Fix any metallic abrasions and fractures on rooftop, pipe, engine tanks, heater and more.

Extremely Tough Mix

Repair your fuel tanks, plumbing, concrete breaks and more!


I used this to fill a pin hole in a weld seam on a marine exhaust elbow. Product was applied per instructions and appears to have solved the problem. I give it 5/5 stars I was able to stop the leak for such a low price 👍


This stuff is unreal. Had some spot welds crack on the bottom of a stool, and figured I would give this a shot to repair it. This is the hardest metal paste I’ve ever used, and bonds extremely strong to metal.👌👌


As a Mechanical Engineer I had occasion to use or test virtually every adhesive known to man. There is a seemingly endless variety of epoxies, but, out of all of them, I have not found one that can match the performance of this.


Highly recommend for small welding jobs. Tried soldering and wouldn’t take so had this recommended to me. Easy to use, just let it set for 24 hrs and works like a champ. Saved me 119 euros on a new bracket 😎😎


This will really fix your stuff - stuff that superglue can't fix. I've used it around the screw holes on a poor quality replacement OEM dryer handle where they were structuraly weak. I plastered this around each screw hole 'post' and so far it works great! 🙂


I always have some of this in the house. It's very useful and makes an incredibly strong bond on all sorts of materials. I really recommend MetaFix!

Metal repair paste MetaFix™

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Easily patch up busted pipes, leaky pails, corroded steel with this handy & easy-to-use solution. No torch welding is needed anymore!

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